The Care, Feeding and Use of Netperf

There is a mailing list for discussion of netperf with an old archive of previous discussions. Hopefully, a new archive will be up and running shortly.

If you would like to browse the netperf manual in html be advised that it is about 67KB in length.

You can also look at a copy of the manual in Postscript (2.75 MB), or the netperf manpage in text, or the netserver manpage also in text. At the moment, this page is under construction, so please bear with us.

The maintainers of this service are very anxious to find better ways to convert Interleaf documents to HTML. This conversion should include text, graphics, tables, and charts. They are especially interested in ways to use CyberLeaf to break-up a single Interleaf document into multiple pages. If you have any advice on these matters, please use the feedback form to communicate it to us. Thanks muchly.

Netperf Homepage.