Re: HELP!!! Which sends and which receives

Rick Jones (
Mon, 09 Mar 1998 14:17:46 -0800

Chmielewski, Bob wrote:
> In a NetPerf test on NT does the server send or receive? I am getting huge
> RCV_BUFFERS errors on my "sending" side and no errors whatsoever on my
> "receiving (Server)" side. Now I am beginning to think that my Server side
> is actually sending not receiving as I previously thought.

Generally speaking, in netperf 2.1, the netperf side sends and the
netserver side receives. That is for any of the _STREAM tests. The _RR
tests will both send and recieve in both netperf and netserver.

Some of this may change in netperf3. For example, the netserver side of
a DNS_RR test in netperf3 will be the one issuing the DNS requests where
it used to be the netperf side in 2.1pl4.

It would help if folks included the actual error messages in their
email. Specifics are often helpful in diagnosis.

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