Re: Utilizations for NT on SMP machine

Rick Jones (
Wed, 18 Mar 1998 10:29:01 -0800

Steven P. Woolet wrote:
> This brings up my questions: Does netserver need to be started with the
> -n parameter to get the remote machine to know that it has
> multiprocessors? How does the -n parameter to netperf indicate whether
> there are MP's on the local machine versus the remote machine (i.e. what
> if the local machine is a uniprocessor but the remote machine is an
> SMP)?

It does on some platforms - NT is one of those platforms.
Netperf/netserver does not know how to programaticly retrieve the number
of CPU's on an NT system.

Of course, as folks provide ways to get such information, I will try to
fold them into the source.

I am particularly interested in minimizing the impact of the looper
processes, or learning of -DUSE_PSTAT equivalents on non-HP-UX systems.
-DUSE_PSTAT will retrieve a counter that shows the length of time in the
kernel idle loop. Nice and non-deterministic, and system-wide instead of
"this process" since a lot of network processing for a process can
happen in places where it might not be charged to that process...

happy benchmarking,

rick jones

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