Re: VxWorks version of Netperf

Guy McIlroy (
Fri, 20 Mar 1998 10:33:00 -0800

>Has anyone ported or attempted to port Netperf to VxWorks? If so, I would
>appreciate information as to how successful the port has been. Even if the
>port has not been successful, I would still like to receive information
>concerning the problems that were encountered during the porting effort.
>Also, does anyone have any opinion on whether it would be possible to
>successfully port netperf to VxWorks within a reasonble amount of time
>(i.e., < 1 month)?

We (Newton Group) have ported the netperf client to the Newton O/S - a
small, threaded, resource constrained, system (deceased). Given that the
Newton o/s dosn't have a file system or any system level (c++) user
interface APIs and it has a set of entirely unique system and TCP/IP APIs,
it went quite well - it took about two-three man weeks. I would have thought
that the client could be ported in less time & less hassle for VxWorks.

We found it very useful in driving through-put issues and assessing
bottle-necks - we got up to the blistering rate of ~1Mbit/s using 10Mbit
PCMCIA ethernet!! - mostly limited by bus band-width.

guy =:)
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