Re: VxWorks version of Netperf

Rick Jones (
Fri, 20 Mar 1998 11:35:09 -0800

> Yes and no. We looked at it and gave up after a while.
> Certainly it has sockets, but the forking that is done
> by the netserver is not easily supported. You could write
> a netserver that just handles connections on a fixed socket.

Indeed, the NT port of 2.1 does not fork the netserver, and I have made
that an option for all in netperf3 - of course, netperf3 now has the
netperf side forking...part of the aggregate test support.

One could look at the netserver3 source to model a change to the netperf
2.1 netserver to always run tests in the forground - the result though
is that you can only have one netperf test at a time unless you start
multiple netservers on multiple ports

Tom Pavel did a port - I've not integrated it into mainline yet, but I
will forward what he sent to me under separate cover.

rick jones

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