www.netperf.org and friends

Rick Jones (raj@cup.hp.com)
Mon, 18 May 1998 16:24:24 -0700

www.netperf.org is in the process of coming online. if you have a couple
cycles, feel free to point your browser at www.netperf.org. and let me
know what you find. I know already that there is no index.html at "/." I
hope to have one that is rather close to the NetperfPage.html page RSN.

Work on netperf-talk@netperf.org is still inprogress. I have not created
the list there yet as I am still not sure quite how I want to go about
trying to make the list spam resistant.

I was toying with the idea of making it a moderated list, but am not
sure if I have enough time and availability to keep the moderators
workload satisfied. The suggestion of a closed list has been made, which
would indeed require "real" subscriptions and not any remailers.

ftp.netperf.org awaits my figuring-out why wuftpd gives a null ls output
where the HP supplied ftpd does not - probably a silly config setting I
forgot. at present, ftp.netperf.org (once it runs wuftpd) will be just
as picky about PTR records as ftp.cup.hp.com...


these opinions are mine, all mine; HP might not want them anyway... :)
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