Re: udp monitoring

Rick Jones (
Mon, 14 Dec 1998 10:23:05 -0800

I am afraid that netperf is not written to do what you are asking to do.
Netperf can only measure the data it has sent, not the data sent by
others. For that, you will need some sort of "tap" where you can watch
their data go by and count it.

rick jones

Carlos Edel Olguin wrote:
> Hi, I am Netperf ignorant and I would like to know if it is possible
> for netperf (i am using freebsd) to measure the bandwidth that an
> specific application consumes. That is, I do not want UDP_STREAM to send
> and then check how much it receives. I would like instead to have Netperf
> to check the throughput of what my application is sending and what is
> actually receiving.
> Any help, comment, hint, or even suggestion about using other tools is
> strongly appreciated
> Thanks
> carlos

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