Data Processing, Translation, Software & Web Localization Services
Wed, 30 Dec 1998 04:31:07 PM

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are a professional information services company in Hong Kong providing fast, accurate and inexpensive information services since 1993 with more than 100 supporting staff.

Scope of Services:

(1) Chinese/English Word Processing Service &
Chinese/English Data Preparation Service [Offshore Services Welcome]

* 50+ data entry professionals working on a 24-hour shifting scale.
* 99.95% accuracy level is guaranteed by our "Double Entry System"
* Competitive price to provide you quality results on time and on budget
* Rapid Turnaround
* Confidential Processing
* Year 2000 data conversion / migration
* MARC record processing
* Offshore Service Welcome:
Contract out your projects to save 50+% operational cost!

(2) English/Chinese/Japanese Translation Services [Offshore Services Welcome]

* 30+ translators with solid experience
* Competitive price to provide you quality results on time and on budget.
FREE trial and evaluation for first time customers.
* Specialize in the translation of
- Software localization
(User manuals, on-line help systems & user interfaces)
- Web site localization
- Commercial documents
- Technical manuals and specifications
- Architectural proposals, etc.

The popularity of Internet makes it more easy for you to contract out your most labor intensive jobs in your company to information services companies like us to fully utilize inexpensive workforce in our production centers.

You will find that you can concentrate your valuable time and efforts on the most profitable parts of your company. You will then use less labor, less equipment, less office space and less working time to produce more products and services with more profits.

Interested parties please fax the following enquiry form to our customer services department for more information.

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*** Services Reply Slip ***

Please fax to (852) 8108 7786

Attn.: Customer Services Department [Ref: 981230]

We are interested in your
__ Data Processing Service

__ Software Localization Service

__ Web Site Localization Service

__ Chinese Translation Service, please contact us asap.

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