Re: [Fwd: FORE ATM Testing help]

Todd J. Derr (
Fri, 15 Jan 1999 14:31:37 -0500

On Fri, Jan 15, 1999 at 09:47:57AM -0800, Rick Jones wrote:
> Anyone have a few cycles to help this person?

sure, I'm still alive... just quiet :)

> netperf -t FORE_RR -H cedar
> send_fore_stream: could not resolve the namecedar
> Do you have any explanation for this? Thanks.

My best guess is that either:

1. The SPANS (FORE-IP, i.e. 'fa0') interfaces are not configured up
2. The hostname 'cedar' does not correspond to the SPANS interface on the
server host.
(...or 3. They don't have physical connectivity, I think this might cause
the host name resolution to fail. But I'll assume it's not this.)

#1 should be easy enough to remedy, if you're using this for test purposes
just do something like 'ifconfig fa0 up 10.0.0.x' on each machine (giving each
a unique IP, of course).

if it's #2, just give the IP address of the SPANS interface instead of 'cedar'.

To make sure it's not #3, try to pig between the hosts over ATM.

Feel free to write me if you need more assistance.

todd j. derr

PS: I'm not speaking officiailly for FORE... but to my knowledge the FORE
(SPANS) API has been deprecated in favor of the (X/Open standard) XTI API....
Which netperf does not currently support AFAIK :(