Re: -m -s option

Rick Jones (
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 10:25:18 -0800

> these options are explained in the manual, but if I run "netperf -h", they are
> not in the list!
> Who is wrong? is it possible to configure these parameters anyway?

About the time of netperf revision 1.8, as I added more test suites, I
started running-out of letters for command line options. So, the command
line options were split into two - "global" and "test-specific." The two
are separated by a "--" as should be at least briefly explained inthe
netperf -h output.

I'm reasonably sure that is also discussed somewhere towards the
beginning of the manual. If not, please let me know which
revision you are using.

In any event the -m and -s options are test-specific, so they would
appear in the output of something like "netperf -t TCP_STREAM -- -h"

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