Re: http sniffer

Rick Jones (
Thu, 20 May 1999 09:58:09 -0700

Dave Barr wrote:
> This may be a little off subject, but the people on this list are obviously

more than a little...

> experts in TCP/IP, so I will ask it anyway. I want to write an application
> that 'snoops' on any data being sent from and received on port 80 (http) on
> my Windows 98 and NT machine (winsock). Can anybody enlighten me on how to
> do this. So when a user clicks on a link on a browser I want to be able to
> grab the http request headers, and display them.
> Does anybody out there know of a utility or how to tap into the socket level
> code.

see if there is a windowsN port of tcpdump - if that
fails, try some web/dejanews searches

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