baa baa blacksheep...

Rick Jones (
Thu, 15 Jul 1999 10:37:42 -0700

Folks -

For literally months now, messages to the list have resulted in mailer
daemon messages for Generally,
when I get such a message more than once or twice, I go in and remove
the offending entry from the list.

However, blacksheep does not appear in the list - I suspect that they
are the forwarding destination of some other entry.

I'd like to try and find the entry. The first thought on how to do that
would be to binary search the list - cut the list in half (temporarily),
send a test message, wait for a response, iterate as needed. That could
mean a number of otherwise bogus messages though, so I thought I would
ask folks first.

I guess the other solution is for me to get off my arse and finally get
majordomo setup on and have everyone move their subscription


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