Re: TCP window size

Rick Jones (
Thu, 15 Jul 1999 13:49:18 -0700

Jose Weyne Nunes Marcelino wrote:
> > Hi, I'm doing tests of performance and the plataform that I use is
> > Solaris 7. The Solaris TCP's driver support window size > 64 kbytes,
> > I set the netperf to buffer size > 64 kbytes but the command snoop show
> > always window size >= 64 kbytes. Why?
> I'm sorry, where is't "window size >= 64 kbytes" indeed is
> "window size <= 64 kbytes".

Does Solaris 7 have some sort of ndd variable controlling whether or not
RFC 1323 is enabled? If not, does changing (with ndd) the settings of
the tcp_xmit_hiwater_def and tcp_recv_hiwater_def have any impact?

What options other than MAXSEG are negotiated at connection

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