Netperf, inetd for Win NT

Edmond Momartin (
Thu, 30 Sep 1999 08:14:38 -0700

I have tried to make netperf's server side to work with inetd.

When I try just a basic netperf -H <hostname> doesn't work.

Here's what C:\> netperf -H <hostname> -d produced :

C:\PUBLIC>netperf -H event_horizon -d
Program name: netperf
Local send alignment: 8
Local recv alignment: 8
Remote send alignment: 8
Remote recv alignment: 8
Report local CPU 0
Report remote CPU 0
Verbosity: 1
Debug: 1
Port: 12865
Test name: TCP_STREAM
Test bytes: 0 Test time: 10 Test trans: 0
Host name: event_horizon

remotehost is event_horizon and port 12865
establish_control: connect completes
recv_response: received a 33 byte response
recv_response: No error