Question about TCP_STREAM

Tatsuhiko Terai (
Tue, 12 Oct 1999 11:11:04 +0900

Hello. I'm Tatsuhiko from Japan.
I have begun to use netperf to benchmark tcp throughput
over Myrinet.

I have some question about netperf command and
how to use.

1.Can I set the send/recv buffer size over 250kbytes?

2.Does 'Send Message Size' mean 'one packet size'?

3.Can I benchmark server tcp throughput such as below
Ethernet +----------+
+----------+ Client +
| +----------+
+++++++++++ | Myrinet +----------+
+ Server + ----+----------+ Client +
+++++++++++ +----------+

I would like to say that 'Can I benchmark above topology that
Server send to multiple client over different physical layer?'

Please teach me.

P.S I'm sorry for my poor English.

Tatsuhiko Terai
Senior student,
Advanced Network Architecture Lab.
Division of Software Science
Department of Informatics and Mathematical Science
School of Engineering Science
Osaka University