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Monkeyble CLI

The monkeyble CLI provides a convenient way to execute all your tests from a single command.


From Pypi

Install from pypi

pip3 install monkeyble

If you are using pipx, inject Monkeyble in your ansible installation

pipx inject ansible --include-apps monkeyble

From sources

Run the Python setup

python3 install

Configuration file

The CLI expect to find Monkeyble configuration file. The file will be searched for in the following order:

  • -c CONFIG as a cli argument
  • MONKEYBLE_CONFIG placed as an environment variable
  • monkeyble.yml from the current directory


This flag contains a list of extra var files that will be loaded in all test.

  - "mocks.yml"
  - "common_test_input.yml"


The monkeyble_test_suite contains a list of Monkeyble test definition. A test definition contains information about the playbook to test with all scenario to validate.

Name Required Description
playbook true path to the playbook to test
inventory false optional path to the inventory
extra_vars false List of path to extra var file
scenarios true List of scenario name to validate

Configuration example:

  - playbook: "play1.yml"
    inventory: "inventory"
      - "shared_mocks.yml"
      - "play1_scenarios.yml"
      - "validate_test_1"
      - "validate_test_2"
  - playbook: "play2.yml"
    inventory: "inventory"
      - "shared_mocks.yml"
      - "play2_scenarios.yml"
      - "validate_this"
      - "validate_that"


As the monkeyble scenario configuration is passed as extra_vars you should at least have one file declared in the extra_vars list and one scenario name placed in scenarios.


monkeyble list

List playbook and scenario declared in the Monkeyble configuration file.


ANSIBLE_CONFIG='monkeyble.cfg' monkeyble list 

 Playbook          | Scenario
 test_playbook.yml | validate_test_1
                   | validate_test_2

monkeyble test

The monkeyble test command executes all the test declared in the monkeyble_test_suite configuration flag and provides a test result summary.


ANSIBLE_CONFIG='monkeyble.cfg' monkeyble test 

Output example:

# TRUNCATED. Playbook executions output

Playbook   | Scenario        | Test passed
 play1.yml | validate_test_1 | ✅
 play1.yml | validate_test_2 | ✅
 play2.yml | validate_this   | ✅
 play2.yml | validate_that   | ✅

 🐵 Monkeyble test result - Tests passed: 4 of 4 tests


Limit the execution to a list of scenario name. Use the --limit flag by passing space separated list of scenario.


ANSIBLE_CONFIG='monkeyble.cfg' monkeyble test --limit validate_this validate_that