RE: Running Netperf Under NT and Ultra II
Mon, 15 Jun 1998 12:20:51 -0400


It's been a while, but I ran netperf tests under NT with multiple
streams by creating a batch job at either end. You have to run a matched
set of netperf/netserver pairs, each on a different port. The attached
batch files should give you the idea. The start command with various
options allow coordinated startup and end of the sessions.

Good luck!


>From: Derek Casanares[]
>Sent: Monday, June 15, 1998 11:58 AM
>Subject: Running Netperf Under NT and Ultra II
>How do you run multiple streams under the Windows NT environment?
>How can I increase the throughput numbers with netperf on an Sun Ultra II?
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begin 600 SERVER.BAT
<;F5T<V5R=F5R("UP(#$R.#8Y#0IS97)V97(-"N "

begin 600 server2.bat

begin 600 RUN2.BAT
M<W1A<G0O8B!N971P97)F("UP(#$R.#8U("U((#$Y,BXQ-3DN.# N,3$@+2T@
M+7,@)3$@+5,@)3$@/G)U;BXQ#0IS=&%R="]B+W<@;F5T<&5R9B M<" Q,C@V
M-B M2" Q.3(N,34Y+C@P+C$Q("TM("US("4Q("U3("4Q(#YR=6XN,@T*<&%U