Re: Running Netperf Under NT and Ultra II

Rick Jones (
Mon, 15 Jun 1998 11:52:14 -0700

Derek Casanares wrote:
> Help!!!
> How do you run multiple streams under the Windows NT environment?

I think that someone else has already posted their batch scripts for
netperf 2.1. If anyone is feeling interested/bored/whatever, the
experimental netperf3 bits on ftp.cup could use an NT port. That code
should evolve into a "one invokation can provide multiple streams" test.

Of course, in theory, unless a single CPU in an MP system saturates, one
should be able to get maximum throughput through a single link with a
singe TCP connection with a sufficiently large window.

However, since there is an interest in multiple NICs, I've started down
the netperf3 path.

> How can I increase the throughput numbers with netperf on an Sun Ultra II?

Shorten the driver/firmware pathtlength?-)

Seriously, you will need to examine network stats (I always look for
retrans - during a netperf run under laboratory conditions there should
be none). You will also want to see what your CPU's are doing - both in
the host, and if used, on the NIC or in the I/O subsystem.

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