Re: WIndows NT

Juan Leon (
Wed, 24 Jun 1998 09:45:44 -0400

> I am trying to port the scripts from Unix to Windows NT to rerun the
> experiments several times with different message and buffer sizes. One
> of my simple problems is that NETSERVER quites after everytime. Is there
> anyway to keep it running over and over again?
> Jeff
> Jeff Ostermiller
> Lockheed Martin GES
> (609)-722-2960

On NT, I use Perl en lieu of the shell to write scripts. The script for
running netserver is simply:

while (1) {
netserver <args>

and I introduce a sleep(3) before I start each netperf client to
"make sure" the netserver has had time to restart.

Perl for Win32 is available in many places, notably from some Microsoft
Resource Kit and from ActiveWare ( There are also
commercially unencumbered ports.