Re: WIndows NT

Guy McIlroy (
Fri, 26 Jun 1998 12:37:09 -0700

you can also write a batch file called 'test.bat' (or whatever) containing

netserver <args>

and run 'test' from a command shell. If you get really ambitious, you can
pass args in to the batch file!

>> I am trying to port the scripts from Unix to Windows NT to rerun the
>> experiments several times with different message and buffer sizes. One
>> of my simple problems is that NETSERVER quites after everytime. Is there
>> anyway to keep it running over and over again?
>> Jeff
>> Jeff Ostermiller
>> Lockheed Martin GES
>> (609)-722-2960
> On NT, I use Perl en lieu of the shell to write scripts. The script for
>running netserver is simply:
> while (1) {
> netserver <args>
> }
> and I introduce a sleep(3) before I start each netperf client to
>"make sure" the netserver has had time to restart.
> Perl for Win32 is available in many places, notably from some Microsoft
>Resource Kit and from ActiveWare ( There are also
>commercially unencumbered ports.

guy =:)