Re: Netperf 2.1

Rick Jones (
Tue, 13 Oct 1998 10:50:20 -0700

Gregory P. Smith wrote:
> Using netperf's "wonderful" command line syntax try:
> netperf [global options] -- -M 262144 -m 262144 -s 262144 -S 262144
> etc..
> Options after the "--" are test specific. You can run netperf -- -h
> to get a list. Don't worry, its not obvious. :)

Yep, I got kind of stuck for letters as I added more and more test
suites to netperf, so I had to go with two different getopt() passes.
And of course, updates to the manual that I'm sure everyone reads :)

BTW, you can say -s 256K and that will expand internally to 262144.
Also, if you specify -S and -S, the defaults for -m and -M will key off
of that. So, the command line above can be written as:

netperf <globals> -- -s 256K -S 256K


Anyone trying the experimental netperf3 stuff? I'd really like to get
some feedback on that.

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