Python iLO Redfish Library

The iLO Redfish Library is a python library built for interacting with systems that implement the Redfish API, which includes the HPE iLO RESTful API. The library is the platform on which the RESTful Interface tool was built on.

The library can connect remotely to any BMC that implements a Redfish API via HTTPS or locally to an HPE server using the HPE CHIF interface and implements Redfish or Legacy Rest APIs. On top of this functionality, the library also offers remote and local support for the Legacy HPE iLO RESTful API that was the starting point for the DMTF Redfish standard.

For more information on the HPE iLO RESTful API and Redfish see the API overview.


HPE’s Legacy Rest API is available starting in iLO 4 2.00. iLO 4 is Redfish conformant starting with iLO 4 2.30. In iLO 5 and above the iLO RESTful API is Redfish only.

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